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White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Vs. Grey Hat SEO

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The SEO Techniques that are generally used are grouped under the following jargon: White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Gray Hat SEO. As the name suggests the White Hat SEO are considered as legit and acceptable SEO strategies, while the Black Hat SEO techniques are the ones which are

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Why Most Adult Websites Fail to Reach the Top Ranks?

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The online adult industry witnesses a lot of new players coming up with fresh websites every now and then. There are probably thousands of new adult websites/blogs coming up every day. In spite of all the efforts the webmasters make to improve their sites, a huge majority of these websites

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5 Things Only A Porn SEO Expert Do

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The SEO industry is slowly moving towards specialization. With the changing search engine algorithms and their behavior towards different niches, call for the need of specialized people to understand the searching trends and track down new methodologies to manipulate the rankings for their SEO clients. Thus, there are people in

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