The Ultimate Guide To a Mobile Friendly Adult Website

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Mobile friendly adult website

Do you have any idea! Why it is so important to adapt your adult website to the mobile version, do you? Here you have one of the many reasons: This year Google is planning big to go mobile first and hence it has already started looking for compatible resources for responsive website view on the smartphones and tablet screens with the mobile friendly tags.

This is where it becomes important: Everybody wants to get the most number of visitors to their adult websites and win the attendance race to be listed at the top of search results. But it will be nearly impossible to be at the top if your website is not adapted for mobile gadgets. To be counted as a winner one must go through this ultimate guide on the mobile friendly adult websites.

Why you should not ignore the mobile user interests

Studies revealed that the traffic generated from mobiles has taken an exponential rise in the last five years, The mobile traffic exceeds the desktop visitors by a considerably huge margin. To be precise the mobile web users consists of 62 percent of total web users, and only the other 38 percent turn to the desktop to open an adult website.

This study shows that without the upgrading your website to mobile friendly websites, your online adult business is not going to reach even the half of your targeted audience. If talking about the monetary terms you are losing a lot with it. Don’t get lost in the shuffle, and lose the online battle, rather adapt your website to give the best to the mobile users too.

Best features of a mobile-friendly adult website

When you browse through a website on your smartphone and that website is not optimized for mobile users. You will understand the reason why your visitors switch from your website too soon.

Benefits of smartphone adaptation:

-The website loads quickly on mobile. There is no requirement of heavy photos and unnecessary graphical designs.

-Due to the Simple and easy navigational feature, many companies are redesigning their desktop version just similar to the mobile-adapted design. A mobile friendly website has only vertical scrolling, which is a convenient searching module, A good UI consists of navigation menu, Home menu, top and back buttons. If your adult website needs your customer to talk to you directly(like in escort services or sex toy shop), in such case a call option on your website will certainly boost your sales. If not that, at least you can put your number on the website.

  • An adult website visitor have the least patience in the world. So to retain the user you should make sure that the user shouldn’t have any issue in clicking link selection or any difficulty with selecting link or any other necessary action on your website.
  • The whole marketing universe knows that “Content is the King”. So, make sure the king should be not just visible but upfront. The visitor will like to move out then taking additional efforts to read the text.
  • It is very frustrating and bad marketing for a mobile website if the user is redirected to the homepage if he tried to see the content of an internal page of full version website from the smartphone.
  • The functionality and possibility of conversion rate must be very smooth. Cause if the visitor tends to send some request to you, then there is huge chance of him being converted in to a customer. In online Adult industry, it is very uncommon if a customer comes on his own to you, and with a bad communication gateway, you obviously don’t want to lose him.

How to get this into practice?

Step 1: Select the design which is more mobile friendly

Check the website on online tools that allows you to evaluate the website’s appearance on different platforms.
If you realize that the site needs more changes to attract mobile traffic, you have to choose within: Opting a mobile version of the website or use an adaptive page design.

Mobile version of the site
For a WordPress CMS website, you can easily switch to mobile friendly version within a few clicks.
There are numerous plug-ins that allow your website to quickly adapt to the mobile friendly environment. Similarly, you can check out plugins for other popular CMS like Joomla or Drupal.

Adaptive Page design
Adaptive page design makes sure that your website can be browsed on any screen with different screen sizes. You can either ask your web developer to make the adaptive changes or better choose an adaptive template layout for your CMS.
Two benefits that make these adaptive templates favored more than the mobile friendly website version.
First being the Google itself recommends using the responsive adaptive layout.
And Secondly, adaptive page design helps you to maintain a single website for whatever platform the website is viewed on.

Step 2: Use Buttons instead of Links

The mobile users have comparatively thick fingers compared to their mobile screen, therefore when the user goes to the unadapted website, they face problem in clicking the right link. The UX designers describe this frustrating error as Thick finger syndrome when a user tries to click a link or navigation bar.

One wight wonder what size these buttons and navigational elements should be to make the mobile user have a good experience? Then these are the recommended settings adult website owners should focus on:

  • For the Apple smartphone, the recommended configuration a developer should use is to create buttons and other clickable links with the minimum size of 44 into 44 pixels.
  • For Windows Phone browsers the minimum size allowed for web buttons and elements is 48 to 48 px.
  • Although few Microsoft small screen devices consider minimum button size to be 34 to 34 px.
    One thing to be considered while getting your website developed is to ensure that you do not overstuff your website with buttons and neither they should be placed close to each other, otherwise the website can make the mobile user uncomfortable, and he might visit your site again.

Step 3: Make sure you use appropriate forms

What’s the motive of targeting mobile users? To convert your visitors into customers, either by making them subscribe, or to order girls or just make a purchase from your store. These forms can easily be used as a sales weapon, as numerous website owners are using these convenience forms to grow their customer base. Imagine having an unadapted website form viewed by the mobile visitors and they have trouble in comfortably accessing it.
You can actually check whether the adapted form is mobile friendly or not. All you need is to go to your website via a smartphone or tablet and try filling the form. If you want to add extra content to the form field, and you cannot figure out what data you should put in the form, then it is not considered an adapted appropriate form.

Step 4: Ask visitors toward readable content

The smartphone users often go to an adult website are often targeted who check out websites with a specific purpose of either watching porn videos or images, finding escort girls or to buy something from your sex store. To decide what purchase they can make, they navigate your website. Therefore, the content for mobile users should be precise, convenient for the quick look at the content, or even for an up and up the scan of the website. Descriptions, prices, aUSP, age, categories, etc. All informational elements should be available in a quick view. A visitor will be pleased only if he doesn’t have to put efforts in finding something. Only an adult website with optimum and precise content can earn you more successful transactions.
If you want to get ahead of your competitors, you have to be the best for your visitors, and you have only one choice: to make your website mobile friendly and attract as many customers as possible.

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