Three SEO Techniques Which Won’t Work as Effectively for the Adult Websites as They Used To

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old adult seo techniques

Adult webmasters are always trying hard to bring changes to their websites in order to boost the search engine rankings of their website. The web space has a scarcity of resources to teach and preach the best porn search engine optimization practices to the webmasters. But over the course of time several SEO practices have earned a good name for itself and this is the reason why most of the webmasters never question their credibility.

There are many practices which were supposed to give great benefits and have been used over the years by the adult webmasters. But these practices no longer give the same levels of benefit and are not considered healthy by the search engines.

Let us have a look at some of the practices which you should stop right now:

Links From Article Directories

The article directories used to be a great place to read articles on tons of niches and submit content which has an anchor pointing to your website. A lot of webmasters still believe that posting to these article directories would help them procure high quality back links and improve their site’s authority. But the updated search engine algorithms no longer consider the links from these big article directories to be of high quality.

Posting articles to the article directories assuming that the article will be shared by a lot of other people is a mistake. Most of the articles on the article directories are never shared or are simply replicated by other webmasters on their websites. This further decreases the important of the content on these article directories.

Should I Stop Using Article Directories?

No, I would suggest you not to stop using them as they still give you a back link. Make sure you write a nice author bio and post articles which have relevant content. Also don’t just post one single article and move to a new directory. Instead try to post regularly and write high quality relevant content linking back to your adult website.

Posting to websites which have relevant and specific niche content is a smart decision. Search engines especially Google favors websites which produce quality content for a particular niche.


Meta Keyword Tag

The ‘Keywords’ Meta tag is often considered quite useful by the adult website owners and thus they flood it with all the keywords they can think of. But, in reality these keyword Meta tags are not at all useful especially when you are thinking of using them to better optimize your site. The Google search engine no longer considers the keyword Meta tag for arranging their results. So flooding your keyword Meta tag won’t really help you rank higher.

Though the other Meta tags like description Meta tag is still quite useful and can help you rank your adult website higher.


Linking Domains Together

Most adult websites still believe that ranking all your sites together can help you create a stronger network. But this complex clustering of your websites is no longer favored by the search engines. This is the reason why linking a large number of domains together is not considered a healthy practice by the search engine experts.

Should I Link the Domains Together?

Connecting your websites together is just fine if you don’t overdo it. No search engine would like a website which has a footer clustered with 30 links. Try to avoid it for now and work on strategies which really give results.


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