White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Vs. Grey Hat SEO

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The SEO Techniques that are generally used are grouped under the following jargon: White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Gray Hat SEO. As the name suggests the White Hat SEO are considered as legit and acceptable SEO strategies, while the Black Hat SEO techniques are the ones which are considered as a sin and unethical by the search engines. The website owners who implement the black hat techniques are more likely to be penalized by the search engines, depending on their implementation, they can even get banned from getting even a spot on the Search Engine Result pages. And by now, you might have understood that the Gray Hat search engine optimization is something that includes the blend of both white hat and black hat techniques. The gray hat SEO includes employment of techniques that can possibly attract some kind of penalties, like black hat SEO. All of these SEO techniques are clarified below with its merits and demerits.

White Hat SEO

White Hat Search engine optimization is referred as the ethical SEO. It is specifically focused to attract the customers but not the search engine web crawlers. Its basic necessity is to spread the word and push toward advance openness. White hat plays by the rules made by the search engines and guarantees that all the content and substance crawled by a search engine will be same as viewed by a human being will see. The techniques used in the white hat SEO are beneficial to both visitors as well as search engine. It focuses on consistency, information in the content. A well-organized content that is composed elegantly that is helpful for the reader. White hat techniques improve your site ranking on the SERPs in such a way that search engines don’t punish your website. Although, white hat SEO is an ongoing process and show results slower as compared to the gray and black hat.


Domain Names
Web users make a purchase only if they find something precisely what they need. Keeping the content as close as possible to the keywords the searchers use to find out what he needs is an ideal approach to ensure that your website gets discovered whenever they search for those keywords. Hyphenating will be also a good way to make sure that you have your name and the depicted item in your web address.

Content Optimization
Content is the king in SEO, the quality of the content is the final deciding factor. White hat SEO technique is effective at entreats in the process of SEO. Content is the main link to build a relationship with the course of manipulating web crawlers and characterizing the content with a couple of significant elements to bring it even closer to the intended keywords.

Link Building
Ask any SEO expert, he will surely indicate that high-quality backlinks are as critical and essential as any other technique that helps the search engine decide the relevance and importance of a website.

For example:
You own a website that contains forums and discussion threads. The focused keyword will be the question and your website has the answer.
What you got to do in such case:
Be a helpful source, by giving them a satisfactory answer.
You should be clear in your title tag and meta-description about your content.
The next step for authentic link building is to reach out to influencers and tell them about your product, and it might earn you valuable backlinks and hike in a number of visitors.

Black Hat SEO

On the other side, the Black hat SEO is the unethical SEO techniques. Basically, It includes the techniques used to attain higher rankings using the untrustworthy ways of the search engine. This refers to the techniques which are blacklisted by the search engines to push up their search result pages. The black hat SEO will earn no information to the user, their sole aim is to fool the search engine and get a better listing in the search engine result pages. The black hat strategies usually do not care about the qualities that break search engine guidelines and procedures, with a poor user experience. Despite being unethical, these techniques are used by the webmasters because these techniques work until the search engine gets skeptic about them. Few webmasters also use these techniques because of the unawareness about the fact that search engines consider them as unethical.


Spam Indexing: In spam indexing, irrelevant expressions are reused without any significant changes. This is referred as the act of rehashing, where irrelevant expressions are used to maneuver the importance or quality of information attributes requested by the web index
Keyword Stuffing: this technique includes stuffing more than the recommended arrangements of keywords with the only motive to get ranked higher in the search engine rankings.
Invisible content: This technique is often used to fool the viewers as the keywords induced texts are written in white while keeping the background of the same color too, its main motive is to pull in index bugs.

Application of Black Hat

The title is concerned with dependence attached specifically to your content. If not, then probably a visitor will bounce back. This hint is enough for search engines to predict that your content is not relevant and serve any help to the visitor’s intent. You can use the click-bait titles that misdirect users and draw them to other pages.
Although, sending mass messages to the users with no personalization is baseless. It won’t compel any benefit, neither it will earn you a good spot in search engine result pages. Also, you’ll lose your customers.
With accordance with black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, back doorway, and invisible content, link farming, cloaked pages and blog comment spams while white hat SEO includes all the user-friendly techniques like research analysis, writing relevant meta-tags, catchy web redesigns, and content improvement.

Grey Hat SEO

Gray hat SEO includes the techniques that are riskier than the white hat SEO but still safe from getting heavily penalized by the search engines and getting banned. Gray hat experts try to figure out how they can get away with it. The gray hat SEO include strategies that tend to exploit the vulnerable points in the ranking algorithms used by the search engines. Even though these tactics are under suspicion, but they are less risky than black hat SEO. These techniques are not blacklisted by the search engines, but if your actions are proving to be spammy, it can get your website into trouble. The search engine is ought to penalize the website that employs gray hat SEO techniques with severe ranking drops.


Article Spinning/Rewriting: Spinning articles is the process of copying other’s content without their consent, and portraying it as your own fresh content. This process cannot be caught by the easy crawlers and hence works fine.
Google Bombing: Google bombing has been used by the webmasters to rank their site at the top of Google results for unrelated or off topic search terms by linking heavily it with other web pages

Apart from Google bombing and Article spinning, there are several other techniques that fall under a gray hat SEO like reciprocal links, purchasing expired and unused domains, etc. Before trying out these tactics one should remember that remembered that search engines keep the track of these activities and keep on changing their guidelines and policies, so one should keep an eye on that the technique you are implementing might be under gray hat today, but tomorrow it can be considered as a black hat search engine optimization technique

Which is Better White Hat, Gray Hat or Black Hat SEO?

Taking the safe route, the white hat SEO is considered as a long time process as it takes the time to show results. Whereas, black hat and gray hat are shortcut paths, but prove to be painful in the long run. Black hat and gray hat are against the guidelines and hence implementing them can be extremely risky for your online business. Google got the ability to understand the difference in white, gray and black hat SEO and hence it ranks the website according to their implementation. Even if Google misses out to detect the black hat SEO techniques implemented on some website, their competitor sites which already implemented these techniques reports it to the Google. Often, Search Engine accepts these spam reports from sites whose rivals are found out to be resorting to the unethical techniques. The use of black hat SEO techniques by an online business can be lethal, as it will ruin your website’s reputation forever. So if you want to grow big as a brand, make sure you use the techniques that earn you higher reputation, no matter if it takes the time to show results. Going for quick results via the gray and black hat will earn you success for a very short term, but the consequences of this will be fatal.

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