Why Most Adult Websites Fail to Reach the Top Ranks?

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The online adult industry witnesses a lot of new players coming up with fresh websites every now and then. There are probably thousands of new adult websites/blogs coming up every day. In spite of all the efforts the webmasters make to improve their sites, a huge majority of these websites or blogs are never able to sees an increase in their rankings. The obvious questions which might bother most of the webmasters are – Why is the adult site not ranking among the top results? Why is the web traffic so low? What would it take to rank higher and get more traffic?

All these questions are well justified and definitely deserve an answer. Here we would try to explain why most adult websites never reach the top and would try to answer all the questions bothering the adult webmasters.


The Most Common Mistakes Webmasters Do While Creating or Optimizing their Adult Websites:


Happy Users

The best part about web is that no matter how slim the website’s content is, how poorly optimized it is, etc. the site will manage to earn a reputation in the search engines if your users are happy surfing your site. Most of the adult websites which rank on the first page may not usually have great content but they do have tons of happy visitors. Wondering how they do it? An easy-to-use user friendly site helps attract more visitors and a happy user base can help you rank among the top results.


Most adult websites don’t care to put appropriate key words and key phrases in their pages which further decrease their chance of securing good ranks. Before you proceed to build links and do other stuff make sure that your adult site has specific key phrases people are likely to search. For instance, if you have a site which sells ‘adult toys’ make sure your page has content including phrases like “how to get cheap adult toys” or simply “cheapest adult toys,” etc.  Similarly a site showcasing free adult videos can insert keywords like “watch free porn videos online”, “best free porn videos” and more.

Not Using Free Google Tools

A lot of fresh sites don’t have Google’s Analytic or Webmaster tools installed on it. A lot of webmasters tend to avoid or simply ignore these free services from Google. These free tools can help you understand a lot of crucial things which would have been impossible otherwise. You can track the active visitors of your site and the region wise distribution of your traffic, etc. You can also learn if the visitors are actually spending time on your site or are simply bouncing back by studying the bounce rate and average number of pages surfed by a user. There are many other amazing things you can do with these free-to-use tools specially designed for webmasters. So if you are an adult website owner better install them on your website. These tools will not only help you learn about your site and visitors but will also give you an opportunity to improve your site.

Address Duplicate Content

Most of the webmasters either ignore the duplicate content present on their website or they simply don’t know how to address it. Search engines often refrain from ranking the websites which have duplicate content. A duplicate content doesn’t mean there is duplicate text but anything which looks similar in design, content or structure is considered duplicate. Two web pages having similar design, almost similar products or content are considered duplicate by the search engines and there is a need to fix this.

How to fix the duplicate content on adult sites?

A simple way to do it is through the rel canonical html tag. You can place a rel canonical tag on all the pages which have similar looking content and can thus help the search engines understand that the other pages are just a copy. This would help you avoid any sort of penalty caused due to duplicate content. More specifically you would survive the blow of big updates like ‘Panda’.

How to Improve the Rankings of Your Adult Websites?


This is the most common question webmasters ask after failing to push their site to the top. Here are some common things you can do to ensure that your adult site starts ranking higher:

Original Content

The search engines love original content and your site can soon start ranking higher if you could place some nice original content on your web pages. It is understood that the adult websites have lesser space for text content, but you can also try to add content to your header, sidebar and footer. You can also add original descriptions for the videos, toys, models, etc.

Filtered Results

Most adult websites I have seen fail to provide good filters to the users. You can make sure that your content is well categorized, a large number of tags are put in place and fresh content can be easily separated from the old stock. You can take help from your website designer to place your site in order and this would improve the user experience manifolds.


The design of your adult website does have an impact, not on the search engines but on the visitors. It would help you get more visitors and would make them spend more time on your website. After all, looks do matter!

Site Maps

The sites in adult niche usually have a large number of pages and thus it becomes a difficult task for the search engines to crawl the entire site. You can make this drill easier by adding a nicely formatted sitemap to your website. It would not just help the search engines but will also increase your chances of ranking higher.

Alt Attribute

Do you have loads of images on your site? Well then you can make good use of your images by placing the Alt attribute to them. The Alt attribute helps the search engine crawlers understand what the image is about. You can try putting your targeted keywords and general query terms in the Alt attribute to further stress that the site has relevant content both in the form of text and images.

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